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Don’t Know How Much to Order?

No worries, this is what we do! We always leave “too much” in the way of supplies so you won’t have to be concerned with running out. Un-used mixes are returned at pick-up”. We deliver several additional mixes to meet your needs, but you only pay for what has been opened. Just Make Sure to plan your alcohol requirements accordingly!

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The Basic  
The Basic

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    • 1 frozen drink machine with a skirted table
    • 1 free drink mix concentrate. Additional mixes are $25 
      (No charge for mixes returned unopened)
    • 50 cups and straws
    • Salt rimmer and salt
    • The delivery person will demonstrate how to operate 
      the margarita machine, and leave written instructions.
    • No cleaning deposit; when the party is over, 
      just turn off the machine!